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Wild Calling Western Plains Stampede Turkey Dog Food

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Western Plains Stampede® is a single source protein diet for a dog with food sensitivities. It’s a rotational diet that contains zero grain, gluten, chicken, egg or yeast culture. Better yet, the diet is rich in meat with 75% protein derived from animal nutriment. It’s the art of combining natural food found in the wild with dietary science (timed-release carbs, Omega fatty acids, probiotics and superfoods) that supports the health of sensitive dogs. Now that’s food for thought. There’s just something about a dog on the front porch of a ranch house out on the Western Plains. It’s iconic. Looking at the dog, you’d never know he might have a food sensitivity. We’re limiting that by creating single-source protein meals (Turkey, Whitefish or Beef). There’s no chicken by-product, egg, grain, gluten, yeast culture, corn, or soy in Western Plains Stampede® mixture. Come see why even sensitive dogs wolf it down.